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Recipes: Summer Ice Cream Sandwiches

Summer Ice Cream Sandwiches

Here's a quick summertime dessert that can be done ahead and takes little time to assemble--in fact, you can let your guests put their own combinations together! These ice cream cookies are just a few of your choices when it comes to putting flavors together for a little summer fun. We took some of our easiest cookie recipes and made them in advance (you can even freeze them). Then we added scoops of ice cream in various flavors and let our guests pair them as they liked. Just think about a peanut butter cookie with chocolate ice cream. An orange cookie with luscious vanilla. A chocolate chip cookie with mint chocolate chip. You can't do it wrong!


For the cookie recipes, follow these links:

Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies - This one is fun because you can make it different with the ingredients of your choice. Add or substitute nuts, white chocolate, dark chocolate, raisins, just about anything goes without any other adjustments needed.

Chocolate Dipped Orange Cookies - For the ice cream sandwiches we skipped the chocolate dipping . . . but you wouldn't have to!

Peanut Butter Cookies - We made these for a Valentine's series because they are the way to someone's heart, made even better with the addition of ice cream!



Foodie Byte

You can also make your ice cream sandwiches ahead of time, assembled with ice cream inside, and freeze for a few days. Don't thaw them before serving!


Pre-made cookies, cooled (use homemade or store bought, your choice).
Ice cream in any flavor (store bought works better in this case, since you want a harder ice cream).


Simply place ice cream in between two cookies and create a sandwich. You can make them ahead, or put the cookies out with scoops of ice cream on a cold platter.

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